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Social Media Marketing in Florida

n the infancy of widespread social media, it was fairly uncommon for businesses to use it as a platform for advertising. However, now that nearly everyone is on some form of social media, utilizing a social media presence to attract and connect with consumers is not only an low-cost advertising tool, but an incredibly effective one. While many businesses now have some form of social media presence on at least one platform, effectively communicating with potential customers and enticing them to choose your business for their needs is not so straightforward as other, more traditional forms or advertising. A clumsily enacted social media marketing strategy can go so far as to harm your company’s public image, but a well-managed strategy can build rapport with customers and use that goodwill to extend your businesses reach enormously.

Our Marketing Strategy

ocial media marketing isn’t as focused on simply getting your business’s name out there as other media such as billboards or television ads. By providing relevant, quality content through a variety of platforms, you not only retain relevancy in the minds of potential customers, but you provide a face of sorts, a personality for the average user to interact with and associate with your brand. By consistently working towards building the image you want for your company, you are more likely to be the first business that someone turns to when they consider their options for a needed service. In short, familiarity breeds trust, and shoppers tend to frequent businesses that they feel they know and trust.

Choose The Best Platform

It is important to consider your specific platform when building a social media marketing strategy. While in general social media has an accepted format of content depending on your intent (think funny or ironic memes versus how-to videos versus a simple but short advertisement; each may even have the same product or company as its focus but the intended audience and function varies, sometimes drastically), an additional level of stratification can apply depending on if your social media strategy is acting on Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, or other social media sites. A post that garners a high level of attention on one site may be unsuitable for another site, and better to tailor content to specific platforms than fumble and misguidedly attempt a general fits-all post.

​Creating content isn’t the beginning and end of social media marketing. Once you’re putting out content for consumers to interact with, follow-up can be vital. While initial interest may bring consumers to your social media pages, you need additional interaction in order to sell to your newfound audience. Framing your sell can be as simple as a link to a store page, or more complex with a description post of what your goal as a company is, or even more complex posts to engage your audience and simultaneously sell them relevant products that they are likely to find useful. Once you’ve successfully made the sell, you’re well on your way to success. Continue to readjust your social media marketing strategy in order to net even more conversions, depending on what does and doesn’t work well with your target audience and possible related demographics that may have not been considered before.

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