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How to Increase Local Rankings

While many companies have caught onto the importance of managing their online presence and cultivating a healthy ranking on pertinent Google searches, an unfortunately large amount of them neglect their Google Maps presence. This may seem like a small defect from an overall small web presence, but to any company looking to remain relevant and competitive locally, it can be a death sentence for a small business to overlook their rank on Google Maps’ search results. Fortunately, there are several reliable methods to legitimately boost your visibility in Google Maps for local customers, while providing them with a more enjoyable and efficient online experience when attempting to get in contact with your business.

Our Marketing Strategy

The first and most important task for any enterprising business owner is to make sure that they have a fully fleshed out Google My Business profile, and to verify it with Google as soon as possible. Google pulls a lot of information from this profile in the course of populating the Google Maps search result for your business: obviously your company’s address and contact information, but pictures that are displayed, categories that your business falls into, and a description of the services you provide. Companies with a correct and fully filled out profile look more legitimate to both Google and your potential customers, and the additional information can often aid locals in selecting your business and getting in contact.

​Worthy of special note is the matter of your opening and closing hours, as Google Maps often prioritizes stores currently open or that are open longer (even if this is not always the case, users can filter their results to only include businesses that are open at the time of their search). Incorrect operating hours hurt your chances of being seen by interested consumers, and can lead to negative reviews (much more damaging to your online presence when logged directly through Google+) if users feel mislead about your business’ hours. If you happen to keep your store open on holidays or open later on certain days of the week, this is even more reason to include it, as this information can set your business ahead of the pack.

We Can Get You There

Once you’ve taken care of that most important component of Google Maps rankings, then for the most part traditional SEO methods work well to boost your Google Maps rankings in tandem with raising your internet presence in general. Having a healthy list of backlinks from other websites related to your category of business, your general relevance to users’ searches, and your company’s location help to put you in the top 3 pack displayed in a Google search result with a pertinent location. This is perhaps the biggest reason for an increased focus on Google Maps rankings, as the 3-pack displayed instead of the previous pack of 7 when a user searches for a business located in a specific area takes precedence over other results. However, don’t fret if your business isn’t displayed in that coveted spot; results can be slightly random, differing if users search in a location differing by a few miles or less, and clicking on a business’ card displays other relevant businesses to the side of the business card, so your business may gain more visibility even if the user’s initial click isn’t on your link.

Advertising in Florida

In addition to organically boosting your web page to the first page of the Google results your target audience is getting, we also offer our services in Google and Facebook advertising. Why do this? Well, although our specialists can net you a top spot in the Google results for companies offering your services in Florida with just the right placement of keywords and content, paid spots are always at the very top of the list. With a competitive Google advertising campaign, not only will customers in Florida see your web pages on the first page, but you’ll have a higher chance to have them seen as the very first entry.

This is a way to dominate the first page of those results completely, which can be a very valuable advantage to have, given the trends among current shoppers who use the internet. Most leads will start with an online search, and most of those who are searching online for something won’t go past the very first page for what they’re looking for. With those two facts combined, it might as well be an all-or-nothing race to the first page of the results for companies in Florida, especially for small business owners.

Of course, digital marketing isn’t all about SEO. While SEO has the best potential for converting searches into sales leads, it’s not the only option for a business looking to expand their online presence. Our specialists are also adept in managing social media marketing. Getting your brand on major outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook can make your company an integral part of your target audience’s lives and built valuable rapport with many users quite fast.

For instance, a social marketing campaign in Florida making specific use of Facebook marketing can help put on a personable face for your clientele to interact and even joke with. Not to mention the large section of the populace that fills time by browsing their social media feed that you could be broadcasting to!

When you need to get your business out into the digital world, there’s no better company in the business than us. We can use Search Engine Optimization, advertising, and social media marketing, to directly connect with users all over the area who are already searching for a business to do what you do best.

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