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Digital Marketing Agency in Florida

When it comes down to it, digital marketing is possibly the most important aspect of your business. Digital marketing isn’t just the advertisements you put out to sell your products and services. Digital marketing is the total sum of your online presence. From your website to your listings to your prices all the way down to the font of your writing, your digital presence and therefore your company’s total image comprise your digital marketing. For many people in the new digital age, your online presence isn’t an aspect of your business; it is your business. That’s why if you’re looking for a marketing agency in Florida, you need not only the top marketers, but a top quality digital marketing agency to meet your business’ needs.

Our Marketing Strategy

Other digital marketers can commonly make mistakes that can cost you business and reputation. However, when you go with us for your digital marketing needs, you can rely all searches for your services in Florida will not only show you high in the results, but professionally and efficiently. For instance, we are familiar with the differing advertisement formats of the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With many digital marketing campaigns, it’s assumed that Google is the only worthwhile search engine to focus on, but we know that for an area as diverse as Florida, it’s better to cover all of your bases.

In order to keep your web presence attractive and inviting to your audience, you need an up-to-date website that will bring in views as well as conversions so that you can get to selling your product faster. When you’re looking for digital marketing agencies in Florida, be sure to ask if they not only are proficient in creating modern and aesthetically pleasing websites, but the functionality of their website.

​Commonly, digital marketing leaves such small aspects out, but when you need a manager for all your digital marketing in Florida, it’s important to have someone on your side who understands that not only are people connected almost 24/7 in this age, but many internet interactions take place on a smartphone. Having your site load on a phone is one thing, but if it isn’t functional and efficient in giving users pertinent information, your prospective customers may go elsewhere to get the products they’re looking for.​

It's All About Who You Know

To net locals in Florida with your digital marketing campaign, try to factor in some strategies to boost your Google Maps rankings. Filling out your Google My Business page is a great way to make sure Google has relevant information about your business to populate its listings, as well as making your business appear more professional and legitimate. It doesn’t matter if your actual storefront in South Florida is fantastic and friendly; a sparse online presence can lead to your business not even being featured in the first pack of results that users get searching for your services in Florida. That’s why you can entrust your digital marketing strategy to a professional firm like us; we know all the tips and tricks to make sure your business’s personality shines through over the web just as easily as it does in person (if not more so).​

Social Media Marketing Agency

When you’re looking to improve your company’s digital marketing strategy, make sure that you or your digital marketing agency take advantage of the multiple social media platforms available for your use. While it is seldom seen that someone is on every form of social media, most people are part of one platform or another. Marketing on any or all of these platforms is a surefire way to get increased visibility in Florida, and a great way to connect with your target demographic.

However, when making use of social media’s marketing power, be aware that different communities have different rules for what content is acceptable or preferred, and that these rules can be both clearly defined and enforceable (as is the case with a Terms of Service agreement) or more informal and unofficial, like having captions on as a default for videos. Not obeying rules for websites you wish to market with is obviously a bad move, as it eliminates your ability entirely to market on that platform, but not knowing your audience when you create content online can be an equally sure way to lose time and money on wasted effort. If you want to be ahead of the game for digital marketing in Florida, be sure that you’re hiring the very best and most experienced digital marketing agency in the area; us!

Another important component to crafting an online presence as a part of your digital marketing is your Search Engine Optimization strategy. SEO not only can help to attract attention to your sites and products, but helps to rank your site higher when users search for relevant keywords. This can be especially useful if you have the foresight to mention your area of expertise in close proximity to the area that you work in; if you’re offering home goods in Florida, tying those keywords together makes it more likely that a local searching for those products is directed to your site and products. In short, SEO helps search engines to more accurately direct those who are searching for something you can provide to your website, so that you can better help them with the service that they need.

When you work with us, you’re not just getting another digital marketing agency to help you in Florida that brings in your target audience and engages them in order to make mutually beneficial sales. We know just how to structure your advertisements in order to catch attention and keep it, but we also know what does and doesn’t sell to certain demographics, in certain areas, using certain strategies. In short, you provide us with where you want to take your business; we’ll navigate the map for you.

Social Media Usage Increasing

Notable majorities of adults and teens alike use social media. The median American uses three social media platforms (Pew Internet, 2018). More people are using social media now than ever before, with more than 50% of Internet users say they follow some sort of celebrity or influencer account on social media (BrizFeel, 2018).

U.S. consumers are on social media now more than ever before. Written articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types of content on social media (Clutch, 2017). The key is to find out where your audience is at and engage them there. B2B marketers should look to LinkedIn whereas women’s yoga apparel vendors should look to b2c platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. When all else fails, bet on Facebook. Arguably, Facebook has been shown to be the platform where marketing dollars last the longest and dive the most amount leads.

How Big Is Facebook Really?

With Facebook’s daily active users at 1.47 billion, it is the most widely used social platform. Hootsuite reported that 2 million businesses used Facebook for advertising in 2018. More than the social appeal, businesses are creating brands on the platform and engaging customers with timely content, captivating videos, and interesting gossip or findings.

“Everybody wants to be informed.” “Everybody wants to be in the know.” People used to read newspapers, then turned on the T.V. for 24/7 news. In the digital age, the news travels faster than that.


LinkedIn has 562 million members (Linkedin, 2018) with 40% of members visiting the professional networking site each day (Omnicore Agency, 2018). A full LinkedIn profile is likely to garder more traffic. A full profile contains a logo, company description, website URL, company size, industry, company type, and location. Ask us about our LinkedIn profile renovation packages and LinkedIn social media management.


Social media marketing and Instagram are synonymous. Small businesses can compete with large giants. On Instagram, everyone can achieve fame. The line is blurring between brands and individuals, with more than more than 50% of Internet users saying they follow some sort of celebrity or influencer account on social media (BrizFeel, 2018).

Famous celebrities or guest appearances can launch a brand to superstardom. That sweet moment of internet fame can represent a huge turning point for a business. Even just 15 minutes of fame is enough to last a brand for decades. One feature on Shark Tank or Oprah can be enough to run a brand’s marketing on autopilot for years. That sweet moment of internet fame is why we put in the work every day.

Being an influencer in Instagram is now a business. Skilled players maxime online sales and revenue through collaboration, guest appearances, and great product. They have teams that are dedicated to conversion rate optimization, new postings, and ongoing content creation.


Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic (Web Presence Solutions, 2017). YouTube (the second largest search engine) is owned by Google. 30% of mobile searches are related to a location (Google 2016). “Near me” searches continue to increase as more individuals look for reviews and recommendations online.

Local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores within one day (Google, 2018). This makes the mobile market another attractive avenue of advertising. Most purchasing decisions, like cars, boats, and vacations are still done on a desktop computer, but daily purchases like shopping, events, and entertainment are sought out over mobile first.

“70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results. (MarTech, 2018).”Trust in a company that knows the right mix between “organic search” and “paid search.” Organic search leverages users of search engines, but organic rankings take longer to build. Alternatively, Pay Per Click marketing can be turned on overnight, but the cost-per-lead always has to be managed and watched. Using a consultative approach we tailor social, search, SEO, and design developments to each client. Like you, we want to achieve results in the quickest way possible, and go to the platforms that show the highest likelihood of immediate impact and ROI.

Google Is King

According to Search Engine Journal, Google owns about 75% of the overall search market. The remaining 25% of the market is owned by other engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, & DuckDuckGo. The rules for success online are clearly set by each platform, and in 2018 businesses have to take the first steps to getting a digital presence. Google Analytics and Google My Business, and Google Business reviews are immediate ways to get ranked online.

Voice Search

We’ve already started talking to our machine overlords. The number of voice search queries increased $3,400% between 2008 and 2017. (HubSpot, 2017). Google claims its voice recognition accuracy is now at 92%. (Campaign, 2017.) 20 percent of mobile queries are voice searches 1/5th of people with mobile phones speak to their devices instead of typing. With more U.S. consumers getting an Amazon Echo, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsing Bixby, and Google Home, we are keeping a close eye on this developing trend.

Online Presence: Check it With an SEO Consultation

Incredible Foresight assists businesses in improving the viability of their business. Each client we take on is given a thorough and consultative audit. Our services begin at website optimization, technical SEO, and link building, and extend into content creation, social media management, campaign creation, lead generation, and CRO strategy. We know consumers are online. We know consumers have money to spend. We know consumers are looking for products and services to spend it on. Are you in on the conversation or still sitting on the sidelines? Check the health of your website today with a Free Consultation!

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