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How To Maximize Your Brand On Amazon

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Perhaps you’ve listed your products on Amazon but you’re wondering how to ensure that it gets in front of millions of online shoppers. Amazon is one of the top platforms to sell online due to a number of reasons.

Why Amazon?

For a start, research shows that shoppers use Amazon to search for a product that is offered on many other retailers’ websites. In fact, 9 out of 10 shoppers will look for a product on Amazon before they buy.

Secondly, Amazon is a great channel that can complement your business website and help you to reach more customers. Some businesses have even used Amazon to gain visibility because it gives people the ability to discover your brand and the items on your site.

Lastly, if you fail to create an Amazon listing for your brand, someone else will. Third-party sellers can offer your product at a higher price and sell it to consumers because you don’t have a presence on Amazon.

4 Ways to Promote Your Brand on Amazon

With that said, you need to ensure you know how to keep your Amazon listing on top once it’s set up. Remember that by putting in more effort, you are likely to get more interests and conversions on Amazon. We’ll show you how to get started.

Optimized Product Listings

The way your listing appears on Amazon will really determine the kind of visibility you eventually get. Many e-commerce shoppers are not looking below the fold when searching for products. That’s why you first need to ensure you have put an appropriate title that describes what the item is and how it fulfills their need.

Use bullets to mention key facts about the product in the description. Pictures are also very important on Amazon listings. Use your USPs to tell customers why they need to buy from you now.

Get Reviews

For new sellers, Amazon can select you randomly for the Early Review Program. This program simply gives customers a small gift when they share a review after purchasing. Understand the regulations that Amazon has put in place for collecting reviews. Recently,

Amazon banned reviews written by clients who have received a free or discounted product from a professional seller. Try sending emails with marketing messages to get reviews or ask your customers to review.

​Take Advantage of Promotions

Amazon runs different promotions in which vendors can participate in and get more product sales at an increased velocity. Don’t aim at offering huge discounts all the time. These heavy discounts usually work when your product is still new since it can help you to get more reviews once you buy it.

Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

If you want to promote your Amazon listing, try driving traffic from blogs, Facebook Ads, Google Ad words and other marketing channels like influencers, to your listing. This external traffic can help you to increase conversions. You can even have bloggers and bloggers to drive traffic to the listing from their respective channels. This way, they can collect an affiliate commission when customers end up buying the product.