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How To Create A Lucrative PPC Campaign

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can set you apart from your competitors while also bringing in a high return on your ad investment. PPC has to lead many businesses into the next tax bracket while many others have flopped due to their misunderstanding of ad copy.

Below are five ways to ensure your ads are bringing in more business through online advertising campaigns.

1. The Problem

Customers search online for specific problems that they would like a solution to. Do you know what your customers are searching for? Define their problem and provide a valued solution with your product or service. With online advertising, use your customer’s problem as the focused ad copy – target their needs. Instead of focusing on your product or service features, focus on your benefits. By focusing on your valued proposition, you will surpass the competitors who simply don’t know their consumers, therefore they don’t know their real value.

2. Limited Time Offer

The goal for a paid advertisement is to create a sense of call to action; a sense of urgency. By using this strategy, it shows customers that your business is active and provides exclusive services that only they can find within a set period of time. Exclusivity often pays for itself. Your customers will feel they can’t find this offer anywhere else, creating a fear of missing out on a great deal. Trust us, it works!

3. Call to Action

“Contact Us Today” or “Call Us Now” provides a modem of communication between buyer and seller. With a strategic PPC campaign, a distinct call to action is necessary for high ROI. After all, what’s the sense of creating an ad without a way to communicate with the business? By creating a sense of urgency (as stated above) and then following your ad copy with a clear call to action converts observers into buyers.

Here are a few CTA examples:

  • Buy Now!
  • Save Today Only!
  • Redeem Coupon!
  • Sign Up
  • Register Now

4. The Solution

In your ad campaign, it is important to acknowledge the customer’s problems by also following up with the seller’s solution. Alleviate the risks and fears of the customer by providing insight into their problem and handing them a solution for their troubles. Creating a sense of helpfulness will help breed customer loyalty.

​5. Use Reviews

People tend to buy from businesses that have great reviews. Luckily today, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising have these options at your disposal. You can now include 5-star reviews in your ad copy while also providing the other four items on the list. These reviews and quotes from satisfied (or unsatisfied) customers can help determine your customer’s next plan of action.